The Issues

As your State Senator, Alan has focused on the Three E’s: Employment, Education, and Efficient Government.


In the Oregon Senate, Alan has worked to make creating family-wage jobs a priority. Small businesses are the backbone of our community and are the key to economic prosperity. Olsen supported several bills with small business tax cuts and tax certainty for small businesses over the past four years.

Alan has spent more than 25 years creating jobs for our friends and neighbors. He knows what it takes to get our economy working again. In Oregon, our priorities have been backwards for too long. As your Senator, Alan is working hard to restore accountability to the legislature and make creating jobs a top priority, continuing to fight for tax certainty for small businesses owners in his first term as Senator.


For too long, Oregon has failed our children with education policies that treat the symptoms of our failing system, rather than solving the problem. As your Senator, Alan has supported measures to give our children the skills they need to compete with students across the globe. We must continue to ensure our education dollars are focused where they will do the most good for our students: the classroom.

During his first term, Alan pushed for PERS reforms that would increase school funding while fixing Oregon’s broken public employee retirement system. Olsen voted for a $7 billion K-12 budget built upon common-sense reforms to PERS. As Your Senator, Alan will continue to fight for efficiency in government spending so that more dollars are available for our schools and teachers.

Efficient Government

Alan believes that Oregonians want transparency in government. Your government is ultimately accountable to you.

In the 2013 legislative session, Alan introduced and pushed for a bill that would require greater transparency in the legislative process. The proposal would require that any amendments to legislation must have a name attached to them, rather than be submitted anonymously. Unfortunately, the bill failed on a party-line vote.

Alan also sponsored and helped pass two bills to aid Oregon veterans, giving them access to cheaper in-state tuition rates at Oregon universities and the option of taking the day off in observance of Veteran’s Day.

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